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5.12  WWII RESCUE CHARTS.  Very important, and perhaps the only surviving original copies, of air rescue charts issued to American airmen in anticipation of the assault on the main islands of Japan in World War II.  These precise charts depict in graphic detail the approaches to Honsu Island near Yokosuka.  The first shows, Inubo Sari Light.  The second Cape Iro, just south of Yokosuka.  The third, Tokyo Bay itself with the center marked Suno Saki Light on the Cape of Nuoma.  These classified charts were issued to then Navy LCDR Louis Domingos who was a pilot of a Navy Hellcat fighter stationed aboard the carrier USS KULA GULF (CVE-108) in 1945.  Each of the three charts are in perfect condition.  Of much added interest is that each is personally penned with the call signs ascribed to the mission by the pilot, including “Full Holster, Palm Reader,” and “Fleas Knees.”   Each chart measures 7 ½ by 8 inches. 195

With the atom bomb attack authorized by President Truman, in early August of 1945, the long anticipated assault on the Japanese mainland was thankfully averted and the War officially ended on August 14. 1945. These documents are made even more poignant due to that outcome.

tokyo bay
Inubo Sari Light

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6.83  STEAM WHISTLE.  Elegant 19th century steam whistle with the valve assembly impressed “LUNKENHEIMER” the famous whistle makers.  This handsome, early apparatus is constructed entirely of heavy brass.  It is of the single bell type producing a single high pitched tone of incredible clarity and resonance.  The bell is decoratively-capped by a classic acorn finial.  The “S” shaped actuator lever is present and operates the internal poppet valve smoothly and properly.  This whistle stands 15 inches tall from the mounting flanges to the tip of the finial.  The bell measures 4 inches in diameter.  The entire display is 16 ½ inches tall including the old, solid teak base 6 ¾ inches in diameter.  Outstanding original untouched condition with a great old patina.   595

Frederick Lunkenheimer emigrated to America in 1845, first working in New York City.  Following a slow start he developed the “Cincinnati Brass Works” in 1862.  With government contracts during the Civil War he was able to form the “Lunkenheimer Valve Company” along with his sun, Edmund.  The company flourished into the early 20th century.  World War I brought record profits, but following the War the company’s sales declined dramatically and the name changed to “Lunka.”



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11.45   EXCEPTIONAL CARVED FRAME.   Beautifully- carved and inlaid picture frame made from a single panel of rich African mahogany in the form of a ship’s lifering.  This especially nice presentation features marguetry butterflies made of varietal woods inlaid on the left and right of the ring.  The center features a rectangular opening for inserting a photograph, presumably of the sailor who carved it.  Flanking each side of the opening are carved daisies with thistle-like flowers resembling anchors, above and below.  At the top of the ring is the marguetry wood inlaid “HMS,” and the bottom “CODETIA.”   The back is equipped with a hand-cut copper hanging bracket and 4 pivoting retaining wedges.  10 ¾ inches in diameter.   Fabulous original, untouched condition exhibiting a great age patina.  One of the best sailor folk art items we have ever come across.  A real keeper!  195

HMS CODETIA was an Arabis-class sloop launched in 1916 in the service of the Royal Navy’s Fisheries Protection during World War I.  She had a length of 255 feet, a beam of 33 feet 6 inches, a draft of 11 feet 9 inches and displaced 1,250 tons.  After 21 years of wartime and peaceful duties she was broken up in 1937.


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18.83  GREAT LAKES RUNNING LIGHT.   Finest quality small craft running lamp with “TRIPLEX” port and starboard lighthouse-like lenses patented in 1910.  The lamp itself was made by “Geo. B. Carpenter, Chicago,” as indicated on the oval brass maker’s tag.  It was patented April 1st 1913 as embossed on the rear bracket.  This sturdy little lamp has a brass chimney cap and stout iron ring for hanging when not supported by the bracket.  The all brass font and burner screw into the base with a bayonet twist.  Well aspirated for maximum light output including an internal reflector.  A removable “light curtain” is installed in a sliding track between the two lenses.  The red and green lenses are both in perfect condition.  10 ½ inches tall overall and 5 1/8 inches in diameter.  7 ¾ inches front to back.  Sound but well-used condition.   Totally complete and original.  269





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