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6. 41  LIFEBOAT WATER CASK.  Early form water cask of the type found on World War I or earlier Navy life boats.  This stout barrel was hand-made by a master copper using solid oak staves and galvanized barrel hoops.  It has two pivoting bail handles with wooden grips and retains both its brass bung on retaining chain and functional spigot.  The inner bands are riveted in such a manner to provide 4 supporting “feet.”  22 inches long overall (including the spigot), 12 inches high (with handles folded) and 11 inches in diameter.  Excellent original condition with very desirable surfaces.  A real classic with a  great old look.  395 Special PackagingBack to Top



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11.44  SAILOR FOLK ART WHIMSEY.  Early 1900’s bottle whimsy in the form of a wooden chair with a webbed cloth seat.  The meticulous construction of this object is a testament to the maker’s skill.  Each of the feet, chair back and cross braces are mortised into one another with tightly fitting joints.  The chair fits snuggly within its glass bottle.  The bottle is perfectly clear and measures 6 ½ inches tall by 5 ½ inches in diameter.  Of great significance to its appeal is the carved wooden “capture stopper” which defies explanation.  8 inches tall overall.  Outstanding original condition.  129



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15. 21 FAMOUS BATTLESHIP PHOTO.  Original framed sepia tone photograph dating from the very early 1900’s clearly depicting the famous battleship USS OHIO ( BB-12) conducting speed trials during her shakedown, late September 1904 in San Francisco Bay.  This large format image provides a port broadside view of the vessel under a full head of steam in calm waters belching black smoke from her distinctive triple coal-fired funnels.  She flies two cone shapes from her foremast indicating “special operations” and the American ensign from her aftermast.  This clear photograph shows every one of the ship’s decks crowded with hundreds of crewmen viewing the spectacle.  Since the event did not require the participation of Deck, Operations and Supply departments, the men were freed to witness the event.  The Oakland coastline is readily visible in the distance.  The image measures 10 ½ by 13 ¼ inches sight and is housed under old wavy glass in its original dark hardwood frame measuring 16 1/8 by 19 ¼ inches.  The back is equipped with a stout cord for hanging.  Perfect untouched original condition.   A genuine old photograph 113 years old, ready to hang.  295 Special PackagingBack to Top

USS OHIO (BB-12) was a Maine class pre-dreadnought battleship, the third ship of her class and the third ship in the U.S. Navy to be named for the 17th state.  She was laid down by the Union Iron Works shipyard in San Francisco in April 1899,  launched in May 1901, and was commissioned on October 4, 1904.  She was armed with a main battery of four 12-inch guns and attained a top speed of 18 knots.

OHIO began her service in the Asiatic Fleet until 1907.  Returning to the United States in December, she joined the Great White Fleet for its world cruise into early 1909.  Following the cruise she was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet.  In 1914 she was sent to Mexico to protect American interests during the Mexican Revolution.  During World War I she served as an American training ship in 1917 and 1918.  Obsolete by war’s end, OHIO was decommissioned in July 1919, and sold for scrap in March 1923 under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty.

Displacement:    12,927 tons
Length:    393 ft 10 in
Beam:    72 ft 3 in
Draft:    23 ft 10 in
Shaft Power:  16,000 hp
Propulsion:    2 × 4-cylinder triple expansion reciprocating engines
Speed:    18 knots
Complement:    561 officers and men
Armament:    4 × 12 in/40 caliber guns
16 × 6 in/50 cal guns
 8 × 3-pounders
 6 × 1-pounders
 2 ×  submerged 18 inch torpedo tubes

Belt: 8 to 11 in
Turrets: 12 in
Casemates: 6 in
Conning tower: 10 in


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21.07  17th CENTURY TELESCOPE.  Very rare, late 17th or very early 18th century mariner’s telescope in the Galileo style by the Italian master Leonardo Semiticolo as impressed on the ocular end of the main barrel.  This 2-draw telescope is made of paper and vellum with turned horn eye pieces, sections and ends.  Its clever construction makes for a very lightweight instrument manageable with a single hand.  The red orange barrel is decorated with recurring geometric, floral and bead-like designs.  The 2 draws are greenish yellow with a mottled surface.  Both are marked with concentric rings indicating the position of distention for infinity.  The eye piece of turned horn is of the early “nipple” form retaining its original screw-on dust cap.  Remarkably, the objective also retains it original dust cover.  This is absolutely amazing after more than 300 years!  The telescope measures 28 inches long fully extended and compresses to 12 ½ inches closed.  The original optics provided a surprisingly clear, highly magnified image with the chromatic aberration characteristic of pre-1750 telescopes.  Excellent condition in all respects.  A true museum piece.  Price Request 



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